Vacancy: RICh NPP , OOO, Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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Vacancy RICh NPP , OOO

In the LLC NPP RICh company vacancy the Production director is open.

Functions: - management of a production activity of shop;

- development and deployment of the production technology and training of personnel in necessary skills;

- solution of technological and technical problems;

- planning of work of shop, drawing up schedules of production, work of changes and equipment, control of implementation of schedules and plan targets;

- formation of material support of a production cycle;

- control of a consumption of technological materials;

- implementation of necessary actions for labor protection, safety measures, industrial hygiene, hygiene, environmental protection.

Requirements to the candidate

Basic knowledge of the personal computer.
Education: the highest
Experience: From 1 year to 3 years

Age: till 40 years.

In the LLC NPP RICh company vacancy the TIME STUDY ENGINEER is open

Organization engineer and rationing of work is obliged:

‑ to organize and conduct researches of expenses of working hours according to the existing instructions, provisions and methodical recommendations;

— to analyze quality of the existing standards for work and compliance of the actual organizational specifications to the similar conditions put in the existing standards for work;

— to reveal deviations of the actual expenses of time from standard;

— to reveal unproductive expenses, losses and reserves of working hours, equipment downtimes;

— to study and analyze the actual security of production processes with labor, hoisting-and-transport equipment, tools and means of mechanization;

— to reveal "narrow" places of productions;

— to reveal irrational methods and methods of work;

— to study the organization of work on workplaces and system of their service;

— to fix time of the operations which are carried out in the conditions of impact on the person of adverse production and psychophysiological factors;

— to fix violations of labor discipline;

— to develop actions for improvement of the organization of work, elimination of unproductive expenses and losses of working hours, introduction of the advanced methods and methods of work, improvement of working conditions on workplaces;

— to develop progressive technically reasonable standards for work;

— to give methodical help to personnel of bureau when performing standard and research works;

‑ correctly and in due time to make out working documentation:

‑ photoaccount Cards;

‑ timing cards;

‑ selections of supervision;

‑ results of photos of the working day;

‑ summary balance of working hours;

‑ reports on standard and research works;

— to take part in development and the approval of organizational and administrative and directory documents according to standards of the enterprise of Quality management system;

— during the work in divisions of combine it is strict to observe the operating modes established for the period of carrying out researches, the schedule of working in shifts and the plan of work;

‑ to control work of the personnel of research bureau which are quickly subordinated to it, correctness and timeliness of filling of working and registration documentation with them;

‑ to participate in carrying out checks on use of working hours in divisions of the company.



vacancy RICh NPP , OOO Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine